There are many good reasons to want to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone, from making sure your teenage babysitter isn’t helping herself to your booze collection to catching burglars in the act. If you got an iOS device, you can now keep a real-time eye on your stuff no matter where you are with the iZON (eyes on, get it?) Room Monitor.

What you have here is a wireless network camera controlled by a dedicated app on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad over 3G or wi-fi. You can get push notifications when one of the motion sensors registers activity, and you can set up and customize the motion sensors via the app. You can even record to a private YouTube account! iZON can be either mounted to a ceiling or placed on any horizontal surface, and comes with a unique magnetic base which allows it to swivel and tilt for the best view. You will need to have a local wireless network, but then who doesn’t these days?

All you have to do once you have the camera in place is download the app, plug the camera in and set it up on your home wireless network. From there you just have to create a secure user account and you can be streaming live video and audio immediately. Right now it is only available at select Best Buy locations and, but it will be coming soon to Apple stores and Target. Suggested retail price is only $129.95 US, which makes this one of the cheaper security systems I’ve seen. Hopefully, they’ll be coming out with an Android version as well.

Source: YourTechReport

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