V_Bot: The V-volution Of Robotics From RC2

Part remote control car, part transformer, V_Bot from a company called RC2 has really upped the ante in terms of transformable toys. The V-Bot doesn’t require user intervention when transforming from its vehicle form to its robot form and even allows you to drive it around with a full function digital remote control.

V_Bot: The V-volution Of Robotics From RC2 V_Bot: The V-volution Of Robotics From RC2

In vehicular form, the lightning wheels give off a light show, dazzling the crowd, while in robot form, V_Bot can perform over 720 dance moves…including the robot of course. When you’re not driving V_bot around or freaking out the cat transforming it on the fly, he also doubles as a portable docking station for your MP3 player. V_Bot will groove along with the music showing off a parallel light show. Wasn’t that Autobot Jazz’s thing in the original Transformer series?

V-Bot retails for around £129.99 and hopefully we’ll see it on North American shores before the holidays.

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