Last year at CES 2009, the Futurelooks Crew came across a company that hailed from Calgary, Alberta claiming to have a true 5.1 surround sound solution for headphone gamers. In fact, the product ended up being so impressive that these guys never had a chance to send us one to review because they just couldn’t keep up with demand. One year later, Psyko Audio Labs is still slinging out their wildly popular 5.1 headsets for PC and Mac, but console gamers will soon get to play with these excellent gaming cans.

This year at CES 2010, they came through with a promise to bring their excellent surround sound technology to the Xbox 360 and unveiled a new version of their headset. This headset taps right into the optical output of the Xbox 360 through a break out box that decodes the stream to discrete 5.1 channels. It then uses their “PsykoWave” technology that ensures that the audio is sent to the ears with the right timing, position and volume using five real drivers inside the headset that is routed through the “PsykoWave Guide” system inside the headset. This is what makes the headsets themselves look a bit “Psyko”.

All of this Psyko mumbo jumbo creates a very realistic and immersive audio experience that just simply cooks anything that competitors have come up with. You really have to hear it to believe it and it’s great to see a product that simply “pwns” and it’s even cooler to see it come from Canada.

Though the Psyko Audio guys admitted that all this Xbox 360 stuff they had to deal with added to the cost, they will be bringing out the headset at exactly the same price as their original 5.1 headset to get you addicted. Expect to see them at the Pysko Audio Store for $299.

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