If you were paying attention during the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, then you'll know that Android tablets have suddenly become the hottest thing since sliced bread. How, then, are Windows 7 tablets supposed to fit into the mix?

The reason I ask is that Dell held a business-centric media event yesterday wherein they revealed a whole bunch of new notebooks and desktops. Intermingled in that announcement was the mention of a new ten-inch tablet device that will run on Windows 7.

Tablets of this size are nothing out of the ordinary these days, but with the exception of the iPad, they're almost all universally running on Android. Dell isn't forthcoming with more details, but the company is saying that it will be targeting businesses with it rather than average Joe Schmlo consumers.

But really, unless Microsoft suddenly offers a major overhaul as a Windows 7 Tablet Edition, I don't see any of these taking off. Do you see a huge demand for the HP Slate? No. We'd rather have the webOS-powered PalmPad. Do you see people lining up for an Asus Eee Slate? No. We'd rather have the Eee Pad Slider or Eee Pad Transformer.

Remember that these new "slates" and "pads" aren't the same as convertible tablet devices. Those are used primarily as notebooks and not as tablets.

What do you think? Even if you are business, would you choose a Windows 7 tablet over an Android tablet? Or would you rather have a Windows 7 notebook PC to go with your Android tablet instead?

  • Davis Clint

    Asus EEE Slates have been sold out on AMAZON.COM and many other outlets since Pre=Sales prior to official release. So at least this one has a market. Probably due to confidence i their innovations since the emergence of the netbook.

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