This is Rebecca Black, the lead singer on a Song called “Friday” which has earned Internet fame for being one of the worst high production songs ever. Being more Internet savvy than most, I knew watching this “music” video could potentially earn Ms. Black money for being a failure. I guess I was right as Ms. Black’s video has earned approximately $40,000 for her.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I have nothing against Ms. Black or her earning money via iTunes downloads. As I refuse to see this video, I am not sure if she did this as a humorous joke or if she was completely serious about this song. Gauging from the reaction the video received, I sincerely hope it is the former.

This is a case of the blatant misuse of the Internet on both Rebecca Black’s and the Internet community’s part. I simply can not respect the company that produced the video, Ark Music Factory, for releasing an obviously viral video on purpose know this would happen. Nor do I think the barrage of harsh words, harsher Internet news articles, or an other variants of mean spirited responses was also not needed. In the end, you are either just giving them what they want in the form of more hits on Youtube, or you are just being childish.

If there is anyone reading this who has not seen the Friday video by Rebecca Black and company, I urge you not to waste you time or further reward viral advertising and failure.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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