It’s official. The people have spoken and they’ve said give us a comically large smartphone that makes it look like we’re holding a tablet up to our head. The 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, bigger brother to the iPhone XS, is selling considerably better than Apple expected – about three to four times better.

That’s a lot more demand than as anticipated. And not only is the iPhone XS Max in high demand, but it’s also proving to be a lot more popular than the smaller iPhone XS. It’s not all great news, though. Samsung remains the only company that can currently ship NAND Flash well, meaning the 512GB model could see a pretty serious shortage. It might be a good problem to have, but it still puts Apple in a tough spot. The holiday season is coming up, too, meaning that demand will probably go up even more. Santa’s going to need some serious anti-anxiety meds this year.

The larger iPhone isn’t the only thing doing well. The Apple Watch Series 4 is also selling better than expected and there are also supply issues with that. Quanta is already providing as many watches as they can handle, so supply will fail to meet demand until November when Compal comes onboard with their mass production.

Apple’s hit another home run, and while they’re having supply issues at the moment, they’ll likely get those cleared up in time for the holiday season. There’s too much potential money on the table for them to not find a way to meet consumer demands.


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