Until Tim Cook or Phil Schiller or whoever else storms the stage to make a formal announcement, everything is going to be rumor and hearsay. Based on some leaked schematics last week, the upcoming iPhone 8 will move the Touch ID fingerprint reader to the back of the device. Now, it looks like it's moving back to the front again with an in-screen fingerprint reader.

According to a new leak coming out of China -- where the iPhone is being made, of course -- it looks like the in-screen fingerprint reader will be the real deal. If so, this would be the first major smartphone to offer such a technology. While the Galaxy S8 has gone with a nearly bezel-free design, Samsung didn't put its fingerprint reader in the screen. Instead, it moved it to the back, similar to the LG G6 and the Nexus 6P.

The leaked schematics are reportedly coming by way of one of the Foxconn factories. They very clearly illustrate the in-screen fingerprint reader, which is apparently the same location where the virtual home button will be located. The display looks to run nearly edge-to-edge, both from the top to the bottom and from left to right. Like the Galaxy S8, the virtual home button "disappears" when not in use, but will presumably be always available.

The "chin" that would normally be occupied by the physical home button can now be populated with dynamic elements on the screen, like the music player. Looking at the three dots on the bottom, you will likely be able to swipe through different controls and notifications in that area too.

You'll also notice that while the display runs edge-to-edge, it does not appear to be curved, contrary to earlier rumors. We do get the stacked vertical dual cameras on the back, though, as well as the supposed dimensions of the upcoming smartphone. Here are a couple of iPhone 8 3D models by ifanr, a Chinese tech blog.

What do you think? If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 8 won't be announced until September. A lot can change in five months.

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