Tim Cook is sad. He’s sad because Apple is currently sitting on over $250 billion in cash, but iPhone 7 sales are lagging. That’s because people are waiting for the inevitable iPhone 8 with all of its newfangled features, like a possible in-screen fingerprint reader. You can go ahead and add another reason to wait as the iPhone 8 is rumored to be getting Bluetooth 5.0 too.

As you might recall, Apple joined the WPC a while back. Given this, it’s a pretty safe bet that the iPhone 8 will get wireless charging by way of the Qi standard. The other new wireless tech is Bluetooth 5.0, a feature that we’re already seeing in the Galaxy S8 and S8+. It’ll eventually roll out to all the major flagships too, I’m sure.

According to the latest rumors by way of JPMorgan, Apple is getting wireless chips from Broadcom for the iPhone 8. These chips serve dual purposes: wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.0. With the latter, you are able to handle two independent audio streams. Your new iPhone can connect to two different Bluetooth headsets and each one can have independent volume control. What’s more, if it’s anything like the S8, you can even have two different audio streams going to each headset too.

With Bluetooth 5.0, you can keep listening to your playlist on Spotify while your kid steals your new iPhone to play Pokemon GO or Minecraft. The other added advantage is the longer range of the new Bluetooth standard. What else do you want in your new iPhone?

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