We’re all still trying to absorb all the mobile news coming out of Barcelona this week, but we can’t help but to turn our attention to the elephant in Cupertino. Remember how “courageous” Apple was for removing the 3.5mm headphone jack? It’s being reported by The Wall Street Journal that the next iPhone could be getting rid of the Lightning port too. That is, depending on who you choose to interpret it.

One thing we can glean from this report with some assurance is that Apple wants to move to USB-C for the iPhone 8. This could mean that the Lightning port on the next iPhone will be replaced with USB-C. Alternatively, it could simply mean that the next iPhone will ship with a charging/data cable that’s Lightning on one end and USB-C on the other (instead of the usual USB-A).

This means you can charge your new iPhone on your new Macbook. We’d previously heard that the iPhone 8 might could get get wireless charging too. After using proprietary ports since the first iPhone, a sharp shift to USB-C seems less likely than simply a Lightning-to-USB-C cable. But stranger things have happened.

The report goes on to indicate that Apple has ordered 160 million AMOLED screens from Samsung. These will be curved OLED displays with a dual-edge not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. A touch-enabled “function area” will apparently replace the physical home button too.

Is this courage? Change for the sake of change? The natural evolution of the iPhone?

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