Sometimes I see something, and I can't stop giggling about it. This is one of those times. Probably most of you know, but if you don't, my primary job is in the entertainment industry working on (among other things) concerts. Now, obviously I know that this is not meant to create a home version of the lighting and sound you'd see at a concert, but things like this just make me smile nonetheless. Because if you can't have your own party right in your living room, complete with lights and sound, where else can you? I also have a vision of this being used at a number of high school dances after the football game in the cafeteria or gym.

What we're looking at here is the Party Rocker by Ion. It's a portable speaker that will play your music, but with the added bonus of also providing a light show to match. It's compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as some instruments. You can choose to connect either with the 1/8-inch jack or via Bluetooth, which means you aren't stuck leaving your phone in the living room during a party. The sound is billed as "high fidelity," and can be heard clearly up to 150 feet away... although I assume that depends on how many walls and other obstacles you have. It even comes with a microphone and cable, so you can run your own pseudo-karaoke party or just sing along for your own amusement.

If that was all, it would be a tossup if it was worth it or not. But then you get to the fun part: It also makes a light show. The light projected onto surrounding walls and ceilings changes pattern and colour, and it pulses along with your music. The light show starts automatically, so you never have to worry about being too far from a party.

This was premiered at CES this past January, and as of right now there is no word on availability or pricing.

Source: Damn Geeky

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