BitTorrent has a negative stigma surrounding it, and perhaps not without reason, but the technology itself isn’t inherently negative. After all, it’s just a method of distributing files, and those files don’t have to be poorly-lit, off-center recordings of bootlegged films. The Internet Archive is set to release a large amount of movies, music, and books – all 100% free and legal – and they’ve chosen BitTorrent as their delivery method of choice.

According to John Gilmore, the founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, they chose torrenting because of its speed and efficiency. Gilmore notes that he supported the original creation of BitTorrent because it makes it easier for communities to share files.

I’m really happy that the Internet Archive has chosen to do this. Not only am I a whore for classic media (and I will be gobbling up all of it), I believe in the power of torrenting for good.

via TechRadar

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