Intel’s “top of the line” Sandy Bridge processors scheduled for Q4 will have quad channeled memory and they’re expected to support up to one additional CPU on the same mobo. Now at Computex we are getting our first looks as the complementing motherboards, which share the server/desktop blurring style as well.

Personally, I consider mobo layout when buying my boards, and the Asus C1X79 will not work for my needs. I, like many home users, would need a few USB ports in the back for devices I never unplug like a printer, IR receiver, Bluetooth adapter, media player dock, and so on. I guess if you need more USB ports, you are going to have to buy your own expansion slot panel.

It is as if i7 Extreme Sandy Bridge processors are pulling double duty as Intel’s entry level server chips. I hope Intel doesn’t split their i7 Extreme Sandy Bridge processors in to server/desktop categories, because we have enough confusion with their product line already.

Source: TechPowerUp!

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