Things are tough all over, and none more so than for mobile industry leader Intel Corp. On the back of AMD’s successful launch of their Fusion APUs which have garnered strong mobile industry support, now even ARM is rumored to have major design wins among Taiwan’s x86 elite.

Not to be outdone, Intel has quickly countered with announcements on a trio of new 32nm ULV (Ultralow Voltage) dual-core i7 and i5 CPUs. The new Core i7’s include the i7-2677M and i7-2637M rounding out the high end, and a new Core i5 processor includes the i5-2557M for the mainstream market. These new low-voltage CPUs have a rated TDP of just 17W, but don’t let the low power fool you – they have speed to burn.

The Core i7-2677M is a dual-core CPU with 4MB of L3 cache running at a default 1.8GHz. Under heavy loads, Turbo Boost kicks in and clocks the processor up to 2.9GHz. The i7-2637M comes in at 1.7GHz default and 2.8GHz with Turbo Boost. The Core i5-2557M has only 3MB of L3 cache and runs at 1.7GHz default and 2.7GHz with Turbo Boost. All three are 64-bit CPUs with an integrated GPU that can clock from 350MHz default all the way up to 1.2GHz for more demanding graphical tasks.

Taiwan’s Asustek has been rumored to already have a new sub-$1000, ultraslim 11.6″ mobile (UX21) based on these new Intel CPUs waiting in the wings.

Source: CNET, Intel i7-2677M, Intel i7-2637M, Intel i5-2557M VIA Engadget

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