Taking a page out of the playbooks used by Vine and Facebook, Instagram will now let you see how many times your videos have been viewed. They’re rolling out view counts as I type this, and the number will appear below the video, where the “likes” used to be. Don’t worry, your like count is still there, but you’ll have to tap the view count to see them. That’s not confusing at all!

It makes sense, though. Instagram wants the view count to be readily visible as it’s a better indicator of how active your content is. According to the company, video-watching on the service has jumped up 40-percent, and they want to show that change.

This change will benefit content creators above all. For the average Joe or Jane, a view count gives a nice ego stroke, but for those looking to leverage their Instagram popularity into a career, the view count is a pretty important metric to see how popular your content is. And not only is it crucial for advertisers, but it can become a powerful negotiatingtool for users trying to strike a business deal. It can serve as proof that you’re popular (or not).

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