Ikea is arguably one of the most innovative companies in the last century. The Swedish furniture company has been around for some 75 years and it is largely responsible for popularizing flat-packing and DIY furniture assembly. Ikea is a name that is synonymous with hex keys and pictorial assembly instructions. And now they're getting heavier into electronics with Ikea Eneby Bluetooth speakers.

We all recognize that Ikea has expanded far beyond bookshelves and Swedish meatballs at this point. We pick up everything from kitchen essentials to throw pillows in those labyrinth-inspired warehouses. It wasn't all that long ago that they introduced an expansive range of wireless charging pads that work just fine with the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

The new Ikea Eneby series expands upon that extension into the electronics space. It might feel weird at first to buy Bluetooth speakers from Ikea, but why should it? And these designs look like they'll disappear seamlessly into your already Ikea-overrun home. I can see this slotting perfectly into a Kallax.

The Ikea Eneby comes in two sizes, both of which are available in your choice of grey fabric on white or black fabric on black. They say that you get a "clear and powerful sound experience" and you have the option of removing the "soft fabric front" for an "exposed" minimalist look.

The smaller of the two measures 8 inches by 8 inches, and 3 inches deep. It also comes with a removable handle so you can easily carry it around. The larger Bluetooth speaker is 12 inches by 12 inches, and 4 inches deep. In both cases, there's a knob on the front for power, volume, bass and treble, and you can connect via Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm aux cable.

While they don't appear to be available for sale online just yet, you should be able to find these at your local store. The smaller Ikea Eneby Blutooth speaker is listed at $49, whereas the larger one sells for $89. You'll need to pick up the optional Eneby battery pack ($20) if you want tunes on the go. There's also an optional Eneby speaker stand ($10) and wall bracket for additional flexibility.

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