Who wants to be stuck standing at the grill when you’re having a party? I mean, if your friends are having fun, shouldn’t you be as well? But someone has to tend to dinner, and unless your house works vastly differently from anyone else I know, one person is always delegated. Of course, there are those who insist it be them because of some idea that they are master of the grill, but that’s another thing entirely.

What you need is the iGrill BBQ Thermometer, the first grilling and cooking thermometer and App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. No, I am not making this up. It seems there truly is an app for everything you can think of, and quite some number of things you would never have conceived of in a month of Sundays. The thermometer uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile device, and as long as your device is within 200 feet of your grill, you’re all set.

It includes one temperature probe, but has another port for a second one which can be purchased separately. You can also use it as a standalone thermometer if you choose not to connect to an iDevice. There is onboard storage for the temperature probes for easy storage. It is powered by four AA batteries (included), and the iGrill app is free to download from the iTunes store. The app features a food temperature option, multiple-probe support, cooking-time remaining feature, multiple view options, standard recipes and a kitchen timer.

The best use for this that I can see is if you live in an upstairs apartment without a balcony where you can put your grill. Instead of having to run up and down the stairs constantly (if for some reason you’re having the party in your apartment rather than your yard), you can simply check the temperature via your favourite iDevice. What would come in handy for me is not having to stand around my grill in winter, because where I live, grilling in winter is almost as common as in summer. If this sounds like something for you, it’s available now for just over $90.00 US (additional temperature probe is just over $15.00 US).

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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