It started out as an April Fools Day gag, but it was just too good not to make into a real product. So they did it and now it’s finally here. For serious.

In a nutshell, the iCade is basically a retro-looking arcade cabinet for your Apple iPad. It’s not quite as large as the ones from your childhood, but it’ll fit just fine on a desk or tabletop. There’s no need to mess with cables either, since the iPad (or iPad 2) connects to the iCade via Bluetooth.

No, it won’t work with other tablets and it’s not quite as advanced as the Lenovo Arcade Dock, but it’s still pretty darn sweet. The iCade $99.99)would be available for purchase through ThinkGeek right now if it wasn’t already backordered. You can put in your pre-order now for a May 11th shipping date.

To go along with the iCade, you’ll want to purchase the Atari Greatest Hits iPad app. That gives you a total of 100 classic Atari games that are compatible with the iCade cabinet. Alternatively, you can buy 3-game packs for a buck. The API will be released soon, allowing devs to make their own iCade-compatible games.

Source: ThinkGeek

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