I've been thinking for a couple of days that I was coming up on my one-year anniversary of posting reviews, so just now I finally took the time to look back and find out when I started. Turns out I missed it by exactly two months, as it was 27 September last year. This is how my life works most of the time. Oh well. On a happier note, I'm finally getting out of the house again tonight. I don't know what I'm doing or who I'll be doing it with just yet, but I have options.


TechwareLabs gets us going with the Eviant 7? Digital TV

TestFreaks goes inside the Raidmax Skyline PC Case

TrustedReviews spends some time with the Fujitsu Celsius ULTRA Gaming Workstation

Bjorn3D examines the Asus HD 5970 Voltage Tweak Edition

TechRadar gives a listen to some Tannoy DC8T

CCE Reviews takes a look at the Samsung XL 2370 Monitor

Benchmark Reviews shares its thoughts on the Patriot Viper-II DDR3 Lynnfield Memory Kit

YouGamers takes on Dragon Age (PC)

TweakNews chills out with the Evercool HPK-10025EA Heatpipe Intel CPU Cooler

ThinkComputers hooks up with the AeroCool Touch 1000 LCD Controller and Panel

And to finish us off, TweakTown wonders AMD vs. NVIDIA - Are they even playing the same game?

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