What can’t your smartphone do? We’ve already seen hacks and apps that can effectively convert your iPhone into a trackpad for your MacBook, but here’s a cool trick up the little green guy’s sleeve.

Don’t have a webcam on your laptop or desktop, but you do have an Android phone surgically attached to your hip? Then download the DroidCam app for both your smartphone and the PC. After you get both of them installed and configured, the camera on your Droid can effectively be used as a WiFi-connected webcam for your computer. Use it for Skype video calls or whatever else you do with your webcam.(What you do on your own time is no one’s business but your own.)

That’s pretty sweet. The DroidCam app is available for both Windows and Linux, but there’s no love for Mac OS X at the moment. The smartphone side of the equation can be found through Android Market, both in free and $4.99 “pro” versions.

Source: Instructables

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