You know how PDP has those wired Nintendo Switch controllers that are themed after Mario and Zelda and Yoshi? Looks like another accessory may have one-uppped them on that game. Over on Twitter, HORI has just revealed three themed controllers for the Nintendo Switch. These HORI GameCube controllers are clearly in anticipation of Smash Bros later this year.

Nintendo officially announced plans for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch last year. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was then formally revealed to us at E3 2018 last month, telling us that “everyone is here.”

Die-hard purist Smash players will tell you that no controller is better for that game than the original GameCube controller. The problem, of course, is that original controllers are crazy old at this point and many of them are probably busted. So, you want a “new” GameCube controller. That’s why Nintendo is releasing its official Smash version later this year.

And that’s also why you’ll probably want to grab a GameCube adapter hub in preparation.

These new HORI GameCube controllers apparently come in three different variations: Mario, Pikachu and Zelda. Aside from aesthetics, the other main advantage these may have over the official Nintendo iteration is that you’ll notice they have the Switch controls on them, including home, plus, minus, and screenshot. Given this, can we expect these to connect via regular USB and not the GameCube connector? I’m not sure.

What I can tell you is that this announcement is very clearly in Japanese and it says that the HORI GameCube controllers will be released in October. We hope that they’ll make these available outside of Japan too. And who knows? Maybe even Goku is invited to participate. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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