We live in a bubble. I’m willing to guess that the overwhelming majority of MEGATechNews readers have reasonably reliable access to high-speed Internet, both at home and on their mobile devices. But that’s not the case for everyone and Microsoft is addressing this issue with the release of Skype Lite.

The basic idea behind the app is pretty straightforward. You can still do everything that you want to do with Skype, including video calls, but Skype Lite will optimize the amount of data that you use. This is ideal for situations where you might be stuck only on a 2G network or when your wireless connection is unstable. Naturally, you’ll have to give up some quality to get that.

For the time being, Skype Lite is being offered exclusively for India. In fact, the official page says the app was built for India specifically. The 13MB app isn’t just about using less wireless data either; it’s lighter weight so it’ll run on older phones and it’s also more power efficient as not to gobble up your phone’s battery. In addition to video calls, you can do Skype voice calls and SMS text messaging too.

Skype Lite is available for Android as a free download now, assuming that you’re in India. Man, they’re getting all the good stuff. First YouTube Go and now this!

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