Cold hands suck, there's no two ways about it. Having to use your fingers while they're cold is no easy task, which is why a couple of gamers in Denmark have whipped up the Heatbuff, a small heater that uses infrared waves to warm your hands.

It was developed by gamers with other gamers in mind, but the Heatbuff certainly isn't limited in its use. In fact, several companies have contacted Envavo about purchasing units for their office works. Typing with cold fingers sucks, too.

The Heatbuff uses no-burn technology to warm your hands while sparing your keyboard. It's quiet, energy-efficient, easy to fold and transport, and the angle can be customized for maximum effectiveness.

Envavo is asking for DKK 75,000, which is roughly $10,626 USD, and they're sitting at DKK 70,529. There's still plenty of time to get in on the kickstarter and pick up a Heatbuff for DKK 420 ($60).

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