In Terminator, the T-1000’s memetic poly-alloy could allow it to morph itself into person while the iPhone uses Haptic technology to tell you when you’ve pushed a button. Put the two together, and you get the new Nokia Shapeshifting Phone. This phone features a touch screen interface much like that of the iPhone and the HTC Diamond, but kicks it up a notch with the inclusion of a tactile touchscreen that morphs into the buttons that you need. The buttons form using a two layer construction with a liquid injected between them. When the unit is called upon to be a phone number pad, the keys raise and create one. When you need to type text messages, you can even call upon the surface to give you a QWERTY keyboard. Though this technology is probably years away from production, it’s nice to know that the folks at Nokia haven’t stopped in the wake of the iPhone craze.

Via Softpedia

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