It seems that the majority of gadgets being produced have the sole purpose of allowing us all to be just a little (or a lot) lazier. But with the rise in obesity and the accompanying health issues it brings, maybe it’s time to find some gadgets that will allow us all to become a little more fit and healthy. Enter the GymyGym Chair.

The chair features a patented bungee seating system designed to conform to you to give you the ergonomic support you need, but there are also four integrated exercise stations which will allow you to tone and strengthen all your major muscle groups without ever leaving your desk. All four exercise stations are controlled by two tension control systems located behind and beneath the chair, allowing you to control tension to customize the difficulty of your workout.

GymyGym is made of 95% recycled materials, and is available in all black, red over black or orange over black. And at $599.00 US (free shipping, financing available), they’re competitively priced with regular office chairs.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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