The Griffin MagSafe has no doubt saves countless cords from tearing apart at the ends. For those unfamiliar, MagSafe uses a magnetic-based connection that pulls apart easily when someone or someone trips over the cord. In my case, it’s usually me doing the tripping. The magnet comes apart so that the cord doesn’t tear or, worse, your device doesn’t go crashing to the ground.

Griffin’s newest product is the BreakSafe – a MagSafe variant designed for USB-C ports. When Apple started using USB-C on the MacBook, MagSafe devotees were crushed at having to go back to regular cords that could tear, snap, fray – you name it. With the BreakSafe, however, MacBook users can now get in on the action.

The Griffin BreakSafe will cost $40, which sounds expensive on paper, but peace of mind regarding your laptop’s safety can be invaluable. Unfortunately, the cable won’t actually ship until April, so you’ll have to carefully step over your existing cord for another few months.

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