If you’re anything like me, you’re looking at every possible way to cut down on expenses while also giving the environment a helping hand. GreenWave’s line of products makes monitoring your utility usage easier while also helping you control how much you use at what times. After all, there is truth behind the phrase “knowing is half the battle”.

First, there is the Gateway, which automatically interfaces over a secure wireless connection to the PowerNodes. This collects information on energy consumption by each connected device. Then you have the six-port PowerNodes (also available in one-port style). They instantly identify a device when it’s plugged in, so that it can be monitored. PowerNodes are pre-configured to connect to the Gateway with minimal effort on the part of the consumer.

Where it all comes together is in the GreenWave Reality Display. It allows you to monitor and control all devices via secure wireless connection. It also features Smart Controls you can choose to activate and allows you to create customized energy profiles for your home. With the entire system, you can monitor and control all electrical, gas and water use in your home from a single location. The Display will also tell you the price of electricity depending on the time of day and report the status of an electric car battery being charged from one of the PowerNodes.

I couldn’t find any pricing or availability information on any of this, but hopefully it’ll be coming soon, and for an affordable price.

Source: WalYou

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