GPS Snitch gives consumers the power to locate their vehicle in real-time using the internet or text message

Calgary, Alberta – March 5th, 2008 – Today, BlackLine GPS Inc. (“BlackLine”) introduces GPS Snitch, a wireless vehicle security and tracking solution. By combining high-sensitivity GPS technology with the wireless data capabilities of the cellular telephone system, GPS Snitch provides real-time location tracking over the internet. GPS Snitch is completely self-contained, requires no installation, and is small enough to be hidden within any car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile. Simply arm GPS Snitch, hide it, and then track it through, or through text message from a mobile phone. GPS Snitch’s battery lasts up to 7 days and can also be hardwired to take advantage of your car’s power.

The GPS Snitch device features intelligent motion detection technology that enables users to be notified via email and/or a text message as soon as motion is detected. Upon sensing movement, GPS Snitch monitors an automatically-configured security perimeter. A second alert message is sent to the user if the vehicle leaves this safe zone, indicating that the vehicle is on the move.

Users can even use their mobile phone as a remote control by texting commands to arm or disarm, locate, and turn pet mode on which will suspend motion alert messages if there is a pet in the vehicle. GPS Snitch also works great as a road trip gadget by allowing the user to import their history into Google Earth and re-live past destinations and locations in 3D.

“The unique technology housed within GPS Snitch and at provides endless applications for consumers including family safety and ensuring a loved one arrives safely after a trip, aiding in recovery of a stolen vehicle, and even asset tracking within small businesses,” remarks Patrick Rousseau, President of BlackLine GPS. “We’ve created unique sharing technology that allows users to share their device with the people they know. This improves awareness, safety, connectedness, and efficiency. The result is the creation of a GeoSocietyTM where social networking takes on the new dimension of geographic location,” adds Mr. Rousseau.

GPS Snitch is available now from and for $399 MSRP with several monthly payment options for the tracking service.

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About BlackLine GPS Inc.
Based in Calgary, AB, BlackLine GPS Inc. engineers exceptional customer experiences that couple GPS and wireless technology. BlackLine works diligently to lead the market in location-based awareness and tracking by providing high-value, practical, and easy-to-use products and services. BlackLine markets products under the brands of GPS Snitch, Loner GPS, and Blip. BlackLine owns end-to-end solutions that encompass dedicated wireless devices, smartphone application software, back-office server infrastructure, billing systems, and convenient user interfaces.

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