Not content with dominating the software side of things, Google is looking to build its own smartphone to compete directly with Apple and their iPhone. Android is already the OS of four out of five smartphones in the world, and now the company will have their own branded hardware to go with it.

They’re already in talks with LG and Huawei to continue the Nexus brand, but this new phone will be their own, and will supposedly be out by the end of the year. Google is reportedly in talks with several manufacturers, so there’s no telling which one will actually get the contract.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said in the past that the company wants to put more energy into smartphones, which includes supporting the Nexus line. Even if Pichai hadn’t said that, would this be a surprise to anyone? They’ve already got a lock with the Android operating system, and developing their own hardware would give them even more control over the mobile experience. This seems like a natural evolution of Google’s smartphone plans.


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