You ever have that experience where you’re all excited about finding a terrific free app, only to learn that you have to buy a bunch of in-app purchases in order to unlock all of its advertised features? What about when you get an app that is otherwise fantastic, except the user experience is destroyed by intrusive interstitials and banners? No more! A new “contains ads” label has been added to the Google Play Store listings so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

It was quite a long time ago now that the “in-app purchases” designation was added to Google Play Store apps and games, letting you know that you will be provided with the opportunity to buy things with real money inside these apps and games. You could even see the range of pricing for this downloadable and unlockable content, though you’d still need to install the actual app to find out what these in-app purchases actually were.

The “contains ads” designation works in much the same way, letting you know that the app you’re about to install is going to have advertising in some form or another. This announcement is hardly unexpected, as Google already emailed developers last year telling them to log into their Developer Console, declaring whether or not their apps has advertising.

The rollout seems to be happening in phases, as I have yet to encounter the “contains ads” designation below the “install” or “open” button on either my computer or on my mobile device. Do you see it yet? Should we expect to see a similar label in the iTunes App Store too?

Via Android Police

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