The Google Play Music family plan, which was announced earlier this year at the Google Nexus event, is now live and available to subscribe to. For $15, you can connect up to six accounts to one Google Play Music plan.

It’s already a good deal, but here’s where it gets even better: the six accounts will also have access to YouTube Red, Google’s new premium YouTube plan, which offers ad-free viewing and will eventually host original content.

Not only is the YouTube Red deal a fantastic addition to an already great deal (just one Google Play Music plan is already $10), it’s the thing that sets Google’s arrangement above the rest. Both Apple and Spotify offer similar deals when it comes to streaming music. Before Google showed up with YouTube Red, there was very little reason to choose one service over the other.

That isn’t the case anymore. Google Play Music with YouTube Red is far and away the best bang for your buck.

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