Special gaming “identities” have been around for some time, with gamers exchanging Xbox Live Gamer Tags, PlayStation Network usernames, and – don’t laugh – Nintendo friend codes. It was only a matter of time before Google Play adopted their own system, and Gamer IDs seem to be that system.

Gamer IDs will be rolled out to Google Play games over the next few weeks, and users will be able to create their own unique ID and choose a gamer picture. I can’t confirm this because the update hasn’t reached me yet, but it seems that you have to choose an avatar from the 40+ that they give you. Using your own custom picture doesn’t seem to be an option, which is probably their way of preventing inappropriate avatars.

You can make your gaming activity public or private. Here’s my favorite part: you only have to sign into the service once, as opposed to each time you play a game, which is how it is right now. You can real about it on the Official Android Blog.


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