It’s no secret that the very well received Google Pixel smartphone borrowed heavily from the iPhone 6. The design is strikingly similar (I’m dancing around the word clone), minus the glass panel. Now, according to the latest rumor, the Pixel 2 is going to continue the trend of being “influenced” by Apple by not including a headphone jack.

The rumor comes from 9to5Google, a site that’s known to be pretty reliable when it comes to these things. The site apparently got their hands on an internal document, but they can’t go too far into specifics without threatening to expose their source. The documentation does state, in a “matter of fact” manner (in 9to5Google’s words), that the headphone jack is being removed.

If this is true, it will be a weird move, especially considering that Google proudly flaunted the fact that the first Pixel did have a headphone jack. Not to mention that many if not all of the other flagship Android headsets still offer a headphone jack.

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