It seems like the entire Internet has been melting down after the news that Google is shutting down the much-loved Google Reader service. We’re trying to help people cope the best we can, offering users a MEGATech Guide to Google Reader Alternatives, but everyone is still understandably distraught over Google’s war against Rich Site Summary… or Really Simple Syndication. Or simply RSS.

And yes, it is a war.

Google isn’t stopping at Google Reader. Google has also killed off the Chrome browser extension for subscribing to feeds. The extension placed a little RSS icon in the browser bar when you visited a site with a feed, but that extension has stopped working for those that have it installed and has up and vanished from the Google Chrome Web Store.

It’s certainly a frustrating move, as the extension wasn’t necessarily linked to Google Reader; you could use it to add feeds to a variety of other readers. Still, what’s done is done and the extension has gone the way of the dodo, as will Google Reader later this year.

via Tech Crunch

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