Google’s upcoming Nexus 8 tablet is rumored to hit before summer 2014 and yet surprisingly little is known about the successor to the Nexus 7. Fortunately this is the Internet, so rumors abound.

According to multiple sources, Google is looking to launch the tablet in April. Both generations of the Nexus 7 launched in July (2012 and 2013). So while an April release would be a few months earlier than usual, there have been reports that Google is hoping Nexus 8 will make up for lackluster Nexus 7 sales; Google may be willing to try a different release window to see how sales are effected.

The size of the tablet is right in the name: 8-inches. It’s a step up from 7-inches and will hopefully persuade those who feel like 6-inch smartphones are big enough.

The tablet will reportedly be the first to come with Intel’s new Bay Trail 64-bit processor. As for RAM, a 64-bit processor likely means 4GB. As for the manufacturer behind Google’s new tablet, the Nexus 8 looks to be made by none other than Asus, the same company that’s been making the Nexus 7 thus far.

Nothing really surprising; it’s essentially just the Nexus 7 taken up a notch. It will be interesting to see how much the additional inch effects the experience.

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