Oh, give me a break. That was a KitKat joke, by the way. Not only did Google reveal the delicious name for the new Android 4.4 today (it’s Android 4.4 KitKat, in case you didn’t figure that out), they may have also inadvertently announced something else: a new Nexus phone.

The company unveiled the KitKat statue earlier today, which is the Android logo comprised of KitKat bars. However, in the video of the unveiling, a man is shown taking a picture with a Nexus phone that is, as of now, unrecognizable. For reference, the woman standing right next to him is holding a Nexus 4 and the difference between the two phones are obvious.

Even more telling is that Google pulled the video from YouTube shortly after it was posted, which is always suspicious. So did Google just leak the new Nexus themselves?

via Engadget

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