Remember Google Glass? I sure didn’t until I saw this news story pop up in my feed. Google’s ill-fated headset just got its first update since 2014; an update that’s likely to be its final one. Rest in peace, Glass, you were too good for this world. Or too bad for this world? I’m not sure.

The update is mainly bug fixes and performance improvements, but they also added support for Bluetooth input devices, such as a mouse and keyboard. Why they added it just now is anyone’s guess, but Micah Singleton over at The Verge theorizes that they simply forgot to push the update out three years ago and just now realized it. I’d say that’s as good a theory as any.

So if you’re part of the dying breed that still uses their Google Glass headsets, might as well power it up and grab the update. Like I said, this is very likely the last one it’s going to get.

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