This makes my blood boil. A police error in Denmark resulted in two ISPs – Siminn and Tele Greenland – blacklisting around 8,000 websites, including Google and Facebook, for reasons relating to child pornography. An employee at the National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police (NITEC) mistakingly flagged a list of legitimate websites for illegal content and the two ISPs received the list before it could be corrected.

Johnny Lundberg of NITEC claims that, going forward, two employees will be required to approve sites for the block list to prevent something like this from happening again.

While this incident paints NITEC in a bad light, a mistake is a mistake. It’s the actions of the two ISPs that really anger me. They received a list claiming that Google and Facebook were to be blocked due to child pornography and they didn’t even question it before blocking access to the most popular social networking and search engine websites in the world. I understand that child pornography is a serious issue, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

via The Verge

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