The war on our wallets continues! No, I’m not talking about financial gouging, but the rise of mobile payments. Apple Pay is firmly established, Samsung just announced Samsung Pay, and now Google is working on a mobile payment framework called Android Pay.

Would it kill someone to be just a little creative with the name of their mobile payments system?

Android Pay is not Google Wallet, they are two wholly different things, but Google Wallet will use the framework that Android Pay provides. Android Pay is an “API layer” that Google hopes other companies will build on whenever creating any sort of payments service for Android. There are still a lot of details to be revealed, but Google executive Sundar Pichai elaborated on some things, like how Android Pay will use NFC and eventually incorporate biometric sensors like fingerprint scanners.

He didn’t outright deny that Android Pay is a rival to Samsung Pay, but he did talk about working closing with Samsung to align the two services, whatever that may mean.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Android Pay. After the success of Apple Pay, Google has kicked its mobile payments operations into a higher gear, trying to bring Google Wallet back in a big way. Android Pay is clearly part of that same initiative.

via The Verge

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