Everybody wants their own personal robot. That's just a fact. Google chairman Eric Schmidt is no different and he's actually in a position to make it happen. During his MWC 2012 keynote, he described his vision for compact telepresence robots which would be small enough to carry in a bag. You could send them out on errands, where they would send back a 3D picture to show you what's happening around them. You would see this picture on a portable 3D-capable screen that's part of network of compatible devices.

Schmidt then pointed out that only the "ultra-connected" will be able to take part in his robotic future at first, which is sadly true. Still, it's hard not to get excited about his vision, especially when he says that he sees it coming "soon."

What are the chances that Google is already hard at work on something like this and that it's further along than we think? Is this the true realization of Android? Or is Skynet about to go online?

via Slash Gear

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