Love it or hate it, the so-called “notch” popularized by the iPhone X has become something of a trendsetter. Sure, devices like the Essential Phone may have done it first, but Apple is definitely the one that brought this quirky design choice to the mainstream forefront. And Google is prepared to support this design choice out of the box with Android P.

Currently dubbed Android Pistachio Ice Cream, Android P (Android 9.0) will reportedly be designed such that if manufacturers choose to include a “notch” in their phones, the OS will accommodate it. Like the iPhone X, this may involve a slight overhaul of everything happens within the first few pixels at the top of the screen.

They may have to adapt how those icons appear for showing you the time, remaining battery, cellular signal, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, for example. Google may also need to make adjustments for how you go about swiping down for your notification shade. Will pulling down from the left of the notch act differently than if you pull down from the right, like how it does on the iPhone X?

Along with notch support, Android P will also deliver tighter integration with Google Assistant, improve battery life, and offer support for additional form factors like foldable displays. Android P is set to roll out later this year, even though the majority of users aren’t even on Android 8.0 Oreo yet. Most devices are still running Nougat, only barely squeaking by Marshmallow users.

With more manufacturers jumping on board with the smartphone notch bandwagon and even apps to mimic the look when you still have a fully rectangular display, the “notch” isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Google may as well support it, I guess.

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