You might remember earlier this week when I said that Gigabyte had a secret gaming mouse to unveil to the world. Well, here it is: the Gigabyte Aivia Xenon.

What’s odd is that we can hardly classify it as a gaming mouse. Instead of the more conventional buttons, the entire top surface looks like a shiny piece of glass and it can act as a multi-touch trackpad. That sounds a lot like the Apple Magic Mouse, you could say, but the Aivia Xenon can switch between mouse mode and trackpad mode.

While in mouse mode, you can still click what would be the left, right, and middle mouse buttons, even though there is no visual separation between them. There are also two function buttons on the right for additional options, as well as power and mode switch buttons on the left. The whole design is very block-ish, almost like a fat smartphone. I can’t imagine this being particularly comfortable to use.

The double-edged sword is that this is a very early rendition of the product and it’s only a pre-production engineering sample that is being shown. That’s good and bad, I suppose, since Gigabyte can certainly improve on this idea. I just don’t think marketing it as a “gaming mouse” is particularly appropriate. Lifestyle mouse, maybe.


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