Well, who wouldn’t want a pair of these? Sure, they’re obnoxious, but then that’s the whole idea, right? And it’s not like everyone else will have a pair, so you’ll definitely be unique. I just wish they came in other colours… pink doesn’t really go well with my hair.

As for details, there really isn’t much to say…they’re headphones. As I said, they only come in pink. Each pair of headphones is encrusted in Indian Pink Swarovski crystals. Shipping weighs is 3.6 pounds for each pair, so I would imagine they’d also be pretty heavy sitting on your head. But women have put up with greater physical discomfort in the name of fashion for years, so I suppose you could deal with it if you really wanted to.

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: They cost $2,499.99 US each. Worse news yet, there are only two pairs currently in stock, so run and get your debit card before someone else snaps them up!

Source: 7 Gadgets

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