Super excited about getting your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note8? Totally bummed out that you were involved in the explosive Note7 recall last year? Want to save hundreds of dollars on your new purchase? Tired of me asking a bunch of questions before providing answers? You’re in luck! Samsung wants to give you money. Sort of.

Partly in a goodwill gesture to the folks who had to turn in their Galaxy Note7 phablets last year over the whole fiery battery fiasco and partly in an effort to drum up some more sales and to retain the “loyal” customer base, Samsung is offering customers up to $425 off the purchase of a new Galaxy Note8.

That’s the good news. The thing is that you’ll need to jump through a few hoops if you want to qualify.

  • You have to live in the United States.
  • You have to prove you bought the Galaxy Note7.
  • You have to do it before September 30th.
  • You need a Samsung account.
  • You can only get the Galaxy Note8 from Samsung directly.

All of these sound pretty straightforward. A store receipt or carrier bill or similar probably works best as a proof of purchase for the Note7. The September 30th deadline makes things a little tight, considering the Note8 only launches on September 15th, so you’ll need to act quickly. Perhaps the biggest stinger is that you need to buy from Samsung directly, which most likely means you’ll need to pay the full unlocked price of $930.

But then they throw in this wrench…

  • You have to trade-in a working phone in good condition.
  • You can’t owe money on this phone.
  • You must perform a factory reset on your trade-in phone.
  • You will never get your trade-in phone back.
  • You might (probably?) won’t get the full $425

Not only do you need to trade in the phone that you were presumably using between the time you had to return your Note7 and the time you now want to get your hands on a non-explosive Note8, but the credit is one of those “up to” deals. They say that the value can vary between devices, so while you’ll probably get $425 for swapping in Galaxy S7, you probably won’t get it if you try to trade in a $100 budget phone.

Let us know how it goes if you follow this process with Samsung. Did you get the full $425 credit?

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