Finally, something for people like me who can only offer a pathetic, half-cooked, half-cold hot dog to guests when grilling. You wouldn’t think it would be hard, that whole turning them to heat evenly thing, but it is absolutely beyond me. I’ve just learned to accept that and go on with my life, and my friends and family know that if they want hot dogs from my grill they should expect to do it themselves. I can offer them the most beautiful steak and corn on the cob ever, but no way can they get a hot dog.

This, though…this could make all the difference in the world! The Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller is made of stainless steel and can be placed directly on your grill rack (it has a safety lock device to make sure it doesn’t move) whether you use charcoal or gas. It holds up to five hot dogs or sausages at a time, and provides continuous rolling for even cooking. It has a push-button control and a sure-grip ergonomic handle. You can completely disassemble it for easy cleaning. You will have to provide four AA batteries to make it work.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock with no guess as to when there might be more available, but hopefully before we get too far into the grilling season! Of course, where I live, grilling season runs from March to December, so I should be all right.

Source: Gadget Find

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