Super Mario Run hit iOS a few weeks back and our own Michael Kwan took it for a test run (pun game is strong), calling it “super but imperfect.” Having an Android device, I’m not yet able to play it, but it’s alright, I’m not jealous at all. You can’t detect sarcasm in text, right? Good, excellent.

Luckily for us Android users, you can now sign up through the Google Play Store to be notified as soon as the game is released on the platform. The game will come with the same features as the iOS version, and it looks the same, too. You guys, I’m beginning to suspect it’s the same exact game.

Since its launch on December 15th, the game has amassed over 50 million downloads, paving the the way for a successful mobile career for everyone’s favorite Italian plumber who eats questionable produce that he finds lying around. Super Mario Run will be released on Android some time in 2017.

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