Even though I’ve had the opportunity to try out more expensive models like the Kindle Oasis (both generations) and the Kindle Voyage, I’ve always arrived back at the same conclusion. While the higher models are nicer, it’s harder to justify the price premium and the Kindle Paperwhite is still the best bang-for-buck e-reader on the market today. Now you’re getting just as much bang for even less buck, because the Paperwhite is slashed to its lowest price ever.

As a refresher, the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon has a higher resolution 300 ppi display with a built-in adjustable light for ease of reading day and night. There is just the single physical button, so you navigate by way of the touchscreen interface. There’s no screen glare and the single battery charge can last weeks at a time.

And it comes in your choice of black or white too, so that’s something.

In order to get your hands on one for a penny shy of $70, there’s one big caveat to keep in mind. A brand new Paperwhite with Wi-Fi and special offers sells for $119.99. You’ll need to pony up an extra $70 for cellular connectivity and $20 to remove the special offers. The one for $69.99 is a certified refurbished model with Wi-Fi and special offers. And you’ve got to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the discounted price.

Without price, the refurbished Kindle Paperwhite sells for $99.99, which is still cheaper than a brand new one, but $69.99 is obviously better. Consider that a certified refurbished base model Kindle is still $59.99 and you’ll see how the extra $10 for the Paperwhite makes for a great deal.

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on a Kindle or you want to replace an older one, now’s the time to do it. Amazon says the refurbs are “tested and certified to look and work like new.”

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