Get High On UV Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light is known to cause the body to produce endorphines, these natural molecules that generate a euphoric sensation during intense exercise. In the world of sport, this is generally known as “runner’s high” and is a normal physiological response to extreme effort. Although endorphine releasing activities have been studied for the addiction they can elicit, sunbathing and tanning in general had never been considered in this respect. Now, a study performed by scientists in Seattle, Washington, USA, has revealed that exposure to UV light can be addictive, regardless of the known risks of skin cancer. After Alcoholic Anonymous, shall we soon see a new therapeutic association called “UV Anonymous”?

Dermatologists have long suspected that some people may be addicted to tanning – similar to addictions to drugs or alcohol – and refuse to alter their behaviors, even knowing they have an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Now, a new study of college co-eds indicates that some people may be addicted to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Source: Science Daily

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