You and a bunch of your friends are floating down the river in inner tubes. Now, when I make that trip, I’m always with a bunch of bartenders. We always end up renting a raft and bringing rope to string the raft and tubes together, and keeping our coolers in the raft. But since a raft usually only has a maximum of four handles you can tie to, we end up stringing the tubes together and having to pass whatever we’re drinking down the line. And then the ropes end up getting tangled as the current or people paddling takes you in different directions.

Of course, different problems arise when you’re home in the pool. Unless you position a cooler right at the edge of your deck (assuming you have a deck), you have to get out every time you need another beverage. Which means getting wet, and letting your floating chair get hot under the sun, and having to get comfortable all over again.

Here’s a solution that just might work! The Bev Barge is a floating party island! Its base is rigid molded plastic, and includes a 36 quart Igloo cooler (which can hold up to 56 drinks with ice). There are twelve cup holders, and it even has two flat serving areas in case you want to serve snacks. It features eight float attachment points, and comes with an anchor attachment and bag (no weight included, just add sand or rocks) in case you want to stay floating in one spot. You also get a six-foot removable umbrella and two 48-inch inflatable floating rings with all the lanyards and clips necessary to attach them.

Your summertime beverage adventure can begin for just $274.95 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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