Recently it was reported GameStop was removing a voucher for OnLive from PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This voucher allowed any PC gamer who purchased the game to gain full access to DXHR on the OnLive service. Instead of denying this happened, GameStop practically bragged about doing this, claiming they are not required to promote a service that contends with a future business venture.

After literally stealing content from PC gamers, GameStop still sold DXHR at full retail price to them under the claim “we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new.” Dear GameStop, you can’t claim that. Once the factory security seal has been broken, you can no longer claim the contents to be “new.” Protecting a store’s ability to make this claim is the sole purpose of security seals on everything.

I have only purchased one thing from GameStop in the last six years because their business practices are shady to say the least. While I don’t know what is included in GameStop’s contract with SquareEnix to sell their games, I am sure “feel free to alter the content of our packages at your whim” was not a clause in it.

In the end, the game was pulled off of GameStop shelves and they contacted SquareEnix like they are the victims in this situation. I sincerely hope GameStop is punished for this being a violation of the law or breech of contract.

Source: Kotaku

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