Do you love gaming, but hate having to stop for five measly seconds to keep yourself hydrated. Do you wish their was a controller that would do it for you? Well too bad, because that controller doesn’t exist. Your friends don’t necessarily know that, though.

30 Watt presents the GAMEMAXX, a controller that weighs eight pounds, hangs around your neck, keeps you hydrated with a gallon of liquid and keeps you cool with its built-in fan and misting system. The only problem is that it doesn’t actually exist. 30 Watts calls it a PrankPack and it’s a gift box that you can use to trick your friends.

When they open the box, they’ll be greeted by a bright yellow flap that says “Prank You!” and they’ll find their actual gift inside. It’s a creative way to give a gift, to be sure, but if the recipient is anything like me, they’re going to be pretty bummed when they find out that they’re not really getting a GAMEMAXX controller.

You can pick it up at the PrankPack website.

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Minneapolis, MN, November 5, 2012 30 Watt is revolutionizing the gaming world with its latest product GAMEMAXX. The GAMEMAXX is complete with a built-in neck strap for easy access to all buttons, a misting/hydration system and a fan making it every gamers dream come true.

The days of light-weight gaming controllers are over. Capable of holding a gallon of gaming refreshments, and cooling gamers off with its built-in fan and misting system, this all inclusive controller allows gamers to focus more on the game and less on themselves. It is impossible to lose with an eight-pound controller hanging around your neck.

An enormous game controller like the GAMEMAXX is ridiculous, says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. We didnt really create an eight-pound gaming controller; we created another PrankPack.TM A Genuine Fake, Gift Box.

PrankPackTM adds humor to gift giving, by disguising the real gift inside a box advertising a senseless, ridiculous product. As confused gift recipients open the PrankPackTM they notice the bright yellow flaps that say, Prank You!, and quickly exhale a sigh of relief.

“The 30 Watt R&D Labs, worked on gift bag and gift wrap innovation for many years, and the countless hours and millions of dollars have paid off, with the development of the Prank Packa genuine fake, prank gift box, says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. In addition to the multiple styles to currently choose from, we hope consumers will be eager to find out what new Prank Packs will be added to the line every year and enthusiastically select the vessel(s) for their gift delivery.”


GAMEMAXX Game Controller Prank Pack is available now at for $8.00

About 30 Watt

30 Watt creates funny products and was started by former staff members of the Onion. The company uses a proprietary-patented-analytical-methodology, to identify and create products that make people laugh.

These scientific findings have led to the launch of the PrankPackTM and BogeyPro Golf TM. In addition to other comedic-driven retail programs, 30 Watt also develops products for Someecards, and Will Ferrell’s Cancer for College charity. These products are also funny. 30 Watts products can be found online at,,, in retailers across the country and select Canadian provinces.


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